Thursday, March 26, 2009

Three Months and Mommy Goes Back to Work

On Sunday, Jackson turned 3 months! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to spend it with him since I went back to work this weekend. My plan is to work every other Saturday and Sunday (same as Jonathan). My parents kept him this weekend. They had lots of fun. It was all photo-documented. They had excitedly prepared for this weekend for a long time (bought a swing, bouncer, carseat base, pack-and-play, wipe warmer, diapers, blankets, books, tub seat, and who know what else). I think everyone in Greenville knew what they were up to this weekend. They were so excited! It was a beautiful weekend for them. They strolled, rocked on the front porch, rode the four-wheeler (slowly), had multiple photoshoots with lots of wardrobe changes, played with all his new toys, had bathtime, and much much more.

Playing with his mommy's teething ring.


Of course his great-grandmother had to come visit! She loves babies!

And lastly my favorite...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easter Basket Hunt...

I have been hunting for a cute Easter basket for Jackson's future Easter egg hunts and Easter Bunny visits. I love my Easter basket I had growing up (it is still brought out each year at my mom's). I wish I could find one like it or even half as cute as it. It was a basket but the bottom was stuffed round like a pillow with cute fabric and the front was a bunny face with long ears. Anyway, Easter baskets now are too big, UGLY, or plain. A big basket with a liner you get monogrammed??? It looks like an organizational item instead of a kid's Easter basket. Anyway, I gave up on the hunt and caved in to getting two baskets: one small for the hunt (a semi-cute one) and the other one a big CUTE one he will keep forever for the Easter bunny. It was my mom's idea to make him a larger scale bucket than she has been making for her monogramming business. IT IS ADORABLE! She needs to sell these.
I have to tell you that when we left my parents' house at 9 PM on Monday night nothing was assembled. My mom arrived with this bucket the next morning. It is truly ridiculous how creative/talented she is. AMAZING.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you all enjoyed some green beer like us! Here is the photos documenting today. First, Jackson smiling in his outfit! Tonight, my men in green. How cute!

The country club had a big event for St. Patty's day. Papa was there and of course held Jackson the whole time! He is so very proud of his grandson. I thought he was going to take him home with him.
Jonathan took these pictures this morning. He is normally all smiles in the A.M.
I love this one because it is like he is saying "Get it over with!"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

11 weeks!

Jackson is now 11 weeks. Not too much really going on right now. Just life with our little man. Here are some photos from this past week. Enjoy!I tried to catch him staring at me hands and rings. He loves for me to play with his hands and has found his hands a few times. he was mesmerized by them here UNTIL I pulled out the shiny silver camera. You can tell it distracted him. I am laughing at all the photos of his Boppy included. We usually have a photography session when it is just me and him, so naturally the Boppy is his holder. Not to mention that the Boppy is his nursing pillow, and well he likes to do that ALOT!
Since just a few weeks of age, Jackson has loved the TV. He will watch it all the time. I guess it is the colors and all the lights. Anyway, his Yetti propped him up to watch TV and just like a man has the remote in hand!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

10 Week Update

This week our little man is 10 weeks old. He is growing more and more each day, especially his personality! This past weekend the Armstrongs (Nic and Morgan) and Thomases (Drew and Annalisa) came down to visit. We had a big dinner on Friday night with lots of visiting with Jackson. Saturday was Kiwanis pancakes; I don't think us girls go out of our PJ's until that evening! Saturday night was Uncle Heath's belated birthday celebration with "make your own" pizzas and tropical drinks courtesy of bartender Jonathan. We have been reminiscing about our honeymoon and wanting to be at the swim-up bar drinking Dirty Bananas, Jamaican Smiles, Hummingbirds, etc. Funny thing...while drinking the tropical drinks, it started snowing! Nothing stuck really though. The weekend with lots of fellowship was very nice. Unfortunately, I didn't bust out the camera until Sunday when Nic and Morgan were leaving. So we didn't capture any of the Thomases' visit.

Nic with Jackson (I don't think he has held many babies, but you couldn't tell)
Morgan spoiling Jackson. She and Annalisa are going to be greats moms! It comes so natural!
On Monday, Jackson's playmat came in. He loves it! He loves to look in the mirror attached. He loves to watch the lights and all the bright colors. He even tries to talk to the toucan, giraffe, and butterflies! His daddy took this photo on his phone.
This morning while I was catching up on my sleep (Jackson was up every other hour last night for some unknown reason), Jackson and his daddy were having playtime. Here he is smiling at his daddy. Jonathan did really good to capture these. Jackson gets sidetracked by the shiny silver camera and stops smiling normally.