Friday, May 22, 2009

Five Months

I can't believe he is already five months. I swear it seems like we just posted his four month photo. Life has been busy but uneventful. He is growing so much, talking more (lots of "baa baa-ing"), almost sitting up, and scooting/squirming lots. His hair is getting thicker. His motor skills get better everyday. He has started really noticing Sam. It has taken so long because Sam runs at every move of Jackson and never comes within reach of him. This was a rare moment this morning. Sam wants this toy really bad because it has a squeaker like his toys. Right after the photo Jackson lunged (well, toppled) towards him to touch Sam; and Sam, of course, took off to not return anytime soon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Jonathan decided to take us to New Orleans for Mother's Day weekend. We love the Big Easy! It is still lingering in the background as a possible move in the future. We stayed at one of favorite hotels, Le Pavillon and ate at most of all our favorite restaurants (Port of Call, Brocato's, Liuzza's, and again Brocato's with goodies to bring home). We walked around the Quarter and, of course, had beignets and Café Au Lait at Café Du Monde like every tourist in NOLA. Our hotel has an awesome rooftop pool which is one reason we chose it. Sunday morning we took Jackson swimming for the first time (photos to follow in the next post). He was pretty indifferent to it. I think it was because he is so young right now. We can't wait for the Country Club's pool to open. His Yetti has gotten him three floats already. We are ready to break them in!

We are about to head into the French Quarter here. Jackson was so cute when we were walking back from lunch. He was squealing and waving his arms. I wish we had a dollar for every comment we got one his glasses, happiness, cuteness, and good nature!
The Streetcar driver was so sweet and made us pose for this cool picture!

Bathing Jackson in the fancy sink. He didn't mind. He loves the water.

Photo-op during our super long wait at Jacques-Imo's.
Jackson loved partying it up in NOLA! He was all smiles all weekend! HOW LUCKY WE ARE!

Random Photos

Here are some random photos from the past week or so. It gives you a little view of our life. Jonathan and Jackson can be found on the couch most mornings for a morning nap. Jackson goes from Exersaucer to playmat to bouncer to our laps when not napping. He is so active!
Napping on the couch with me in the afternoon. He has gotten to where he likes to snuggle to the Boppy during his nap. Doesn't he look like a little teenager here?

Reading a book from Aunt Terry. He likes to look at books now but is always trying to turn the page before you finish reading it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy, busy

Sorry I have been absent from the family blogging, I have been busy with little things in the past few weeks. Out-of-town tennis matches, out-of-town guests, work weekends, meetings, and other little things that have been keeping me away from the blog. Luckily after a guilt trip, Jonathan picked up some of my slack and posted last week. Not too much going on with Jackson except him constantly rolling over (but only to the funny!), new bursts of laughter, and we learned this weekend that he likes other little kids. He laughed the hardest I have ever seen and actually reached for a friend's two year old daughter this weekend. He loved little Emelie. It was precious and, of course, I cried. He just wanted to touch her face (like he was making sure she was real to verify that he wasn't the only little one in this world). Can't wait to see him around other little ones. Yetti and Papa kept him this weekend while we worked. Saturday was the Cotton Classic which Jackson and Yetti strolled in the 5K. Here is a photo of her team (coworkers and local news anchors). Yetti was so proud of him. She said he talked to everyone and fell asleep during the last mile or so. They then went to the arts and crafts festival, but he slept right through it.