Thursday, November 5, 2009

Puppy love on Halloween

Halloween weekend was very busy. It was so fun!

Jackson with his first trophy. First place in the costume contest!

The King of Pop even showed up this past weekend...

Back home with Mom

For those of you that don't know, Jackson spent September and October going to daycare full-time . Thankfully, I am much better; and most importantly, our little man is back home with me during the day! During my sickness, he also spent alot of time at Papa and Yetti's. I had to show off his first combine ride. He is pretty attached to his Papa and at times has some separation anxiety. This really kicked in when Papa stepped out of the cab to get a photo! Papaw Hobart was driving and I think they MAYBE made only one row.

Papa saved a box from Yetti's new dryer and made "Fort Jackson." He loved it! Typical little boy!

Now that he is back home, Jonathan and Jackson have their morning time together consisting of breakfast and some play time. He has gotten on a pretty good routine of a morning and afternoon nap. Here he is passed out on his dad during a morning nap.
I guess he is used to having lots of photos because he knows what "cheese" means...
He also has learned to throw fits. BUT whip the camera out and he stops. I did a secret co-op to get these next few...We have been strolling while the weather (and my body) permit. We play lots. Sometimes so hard we pass out...
He plays so well by himself. Jackson really loves books. I hope it sticks forever! He will look at a book for a really long time just turning pages back and forth. I have tried multiple times to catch him on camera, BUT like I said before he gets very distracted when I take out the camera.