Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4 months = Good times

Man, oh, man! Blog ghost writer is back. For those of you who have seen Jackson in the past few weeks, you will know just what I am talking about. For all the others, I hope you can see him again/soon. Our little man is absolutely precious. He is so much fun, full of smiles, and is laughing all the time. It is absolutley heartwarming, and as a parent, I can say it truly makes me feel SO LOVED! When I walk into the room, or come home from work, he smiles when he sees me! There is no feeling in the world like this!

Just last week, Jackson turned 4 months old! He is now grabbing at anything within his reach (including my glasses), "talking" more and more, and just being so much more active. He is so observant, always looking around as far as he can see.

Today, we went to the doctor for his 4 month (and 1 week) shots. Our doctor had to reschedule our appointment last week due to becoming a grandfather. Today our "little man" weighed in at 14 lbs 8 oz! Up 4 pounds since his 2 month appointment! He was 25 inches long, and getting bigger and cuter by the day. Since those shots, he has been fairly fussy, but we have been handling it in style. Hopefully his night won't be too rough!

Lately, his mommy and I have been working out/running fairly regularly. We have thoroughly enjoyed "strolling: with him on our runs! As you can see, he enjoyes going as well! Hopefully, those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting Jackson, will get to meet him soon! He is such a JOY!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter (Part Three)

The Easter Bunny also came to see Jackson at my parents' house. He must have been REALLY good over there because he got a Radio Flyer wagon literally overflowing with goodies. He got 2 cute beach towels, a walker toy, an outdoor swing, 2 floats, 2 rattles, 2 teething toys, books, stuffed animals, a very cute Easter basket, and 25 outfits ranging from onesies, jumpers, rompers, swimsuits, sleepers, and some 3 piece sets. YES TWENTY-FIVE!! He will be set for awhile! Here he is in his Easter pajamas.

Easter (Part Two)

The Easter Bunny came to visit Jackson. He got several outfits, a burp cloth/bib set, a hat, a cross, socks, and a stuffed duck.
Checking out all his presents...

Playing with his new friend...
The aftereffects after he spit up on his new friend. Poor duckie!

Easter (Part One)

Tuesday we went to get Jackson's photo taken with the semi-scary Easter Bunny. He, of course, was clueless about this huge, freaky bunny holding him.
The day before Easter we dyed eggs at my mom's house. Yes, we still dye eggs...just like we still have Santa and the Easter Bunny. I would even bet if I had to get a tooth pulled or one was knocked out that my mom would make sure the Tooth Fairy came. Jackson didn't participate but he did play with them afterwards.
Thinking about grabbing it.

Yay! He's holding it.

Papa's little golfer wearing Papa's hat.

Papa holding him while Yetti makes him giggle. It was great!

A Week of New Things

Within a week, Jackson began doing all these new things. First the Thursday before last, I woke up to him @ 4:30 AM babbling to his mobile. He has babbled before but it has been provoked with lots of talking to him first. Then last Sunday, he started using his foot to bring his toy to him in the bouncer. He now is grabbing and purposely playing with the toys on his bouncer with the help of his feet!
He also had purposely grabbed things. Here is the sequence of his grabbing my glasses. I am sure later this will not be so cute.

He also is mimicking us when we motorboat...video coming soon.

SMILE: a random photo shoot

April 5, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekly Update

Oh my! It is crazy how things have happened just overnight it seems. He started grabbing his toys, started babbling, and just interacting all the time (always smiling). I have had to start supplementing with formula unfortunately; however, with that has come a big growth spurt. He is back to being a chubby cheek boy like he was in the first month of life. It is crazy how fast he put on the fat rolls! Haha!
This is our first trip to Wal-Mart in the BabyBjörn. He loved it. He fell asleep @ the checkout.
This past weekend we went to Poppy and Mimi's (my dad and stepmom) while Jonathan went to the NCAA basketball tourney. It was so nice to spend time with them. They spoiled him too!
I forgot my camera, so these are from my cell phone. I wish I had a video camera because Poppy played the harmonica and guitar for Jackson. It is amazing that he can just pick up an instrument and play it. He played Brahms' lullaby on the harmonica and Jackson couldn't stop smiling! My dad got that from my wonderful Mamaw Margie.