Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well Baby Check-up

On many occasions we have tried spoon feeding Jackson. You can chalk them up to pretty unsuccessful. Last Friday was our most successful of them all. We have tried cereal, green beans, and now carrots. He won't open his mouth. He have to get him to smile to put in the food. Yes...this is a gag. Goodness. He is just not interested in baby food!

We discussed this in our 6 month well baby checkup today. It is not a problem says Dr. Gillespie. We'll just press on until he finally does show some interest. Stats on today:
Weight: 17 lbs 4 oz (36th percentile)
Height: 27 inches (60th percentile)
We all thought he was going to be a lot heavier than that! There were even some bets placed with the wager of changing poopy diapers in our family!

Just A Swangin'

The swing from Easter is finally up at Yetti and Papa's house. This was his first time in it, and he loves it as you can see. Glad he is adventurous like his dad and mom.

Week of News (plural new, not the nightly report)

Lots of new little things going on around the Harden home. We feel like from here on there will be a "something" with him everyday! I had a really tough time this past week with him turning six months. I love all the growing and developments, but...gosh, it is going SOOOO FAST!

He likes to sit up on Daddy's shoulders using his hair as reins! haha. I think we all have fond memories of being on our daddy's shoulders. Like we can take on the world!
He loves the water. Here he is a his pool at Yetti and Papa's. He is not scared at all! He kicks his legs and even splashes it in his face. I am so glad because his parents sure love the water! This morning his Daddy caught him eating his sock that WAS on his foot...

Looks like he is trying to stuff it in before someone took it from him...
Yes, he is wearing in the above photos a mismatched outfit. He is somehow managing in the middle of the night to pee on everything. I was having to wash his Swaddle-Me, change the sheets, and wash him every morning. In fact we used to refer to his green Swaddle-Me as his "pea-pod." Now? It is the "pee-pod." I have also utilized what I considered so ugly but, now, so efficient...the Ultimate Crib Sheet. Last night was out first night to not use the Swaddle-Me. It went just okay...I guess. He woke up at 4 AM and wanted to stay awake. That is not his normal routine. He was just as happy and content but just WIDE-AWAKE! I had three unsuccessful attempts of rocking him back to sleep, laying him down asleep, and then he would immediately pop open his eyes. We finally just let him cry it out. I had read about Ferber Method and other Cry-It-Out methods. Luckily as soon I was out of site, he only cried maybe a minute longer. Thanks God! That would have been very hard.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jackson is 6 months old!

His first 1/2 birthday! I have a feeling in 7-10 years, we will be having a swimming party on this date! These 6 months have flown by. And although there have been ups and downs (mostly ups) it is hard to remember all the great times we have had. When people always said (and still say) that time flies by with kids, I have never really listened. But to all of you out there, you are right!

Jackson is, as we say, "so big" now. He is so active. He is constantly kicking his legs, pulling up, standing up with assistance, sitting with/without assistance, rolling over, laughing, and talking jibberish. I am sure it won't be long until he says his first word/s, and begins to crawl. Just a few days ago, he was splashing in a baby pool and would not even mind when he kicked water into his own face.

He is an absolute joy to be around. He smiles at everyone, and has yet to be scared of people, which I am so proud of. I was a shy little boy, and hope he is more of a people person! Words really can't describe how precious he is. His mommy told me today that he must know today is his 1/2 birthday because he has been extra happy today! We are so proud to show him off, and are excited when new people meet him for the first time!

Here's to you Jackson, as today you are 6 months old!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father's Day on your first official Father's day (celebrating this year was much better than last year, huh?)! I knew I was marrying an incredible guy. We didn't talk about children that much back in the dating years, but it amazes me how we are always on the same page with raising our little man. Although you had never been around babies before Jackson was born, you really seemed like a pro just minutes after his birth...I will always tell Jackson about your "special" morning time while you let me get a few extra hours of sleep. It means so much that you are not only so attentive to his needs but also mine. You are the most caring father... I also love how much fun you are with our little man. You take so much pride in every little thing he does. I am so glad you want Jackson to experience so many things in this world...
I hope Jackson grows up to be just like you. You are the best husband and father. We are so lucky! Thanks for everything you do. HAPPY DADDY'S DAY!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mimi and Poppy's

Saturday night we spent the night at Mimi and Poppy's house (my dad and step-mom). Jackson got to ride the four-wheeler and lawn mower there. He loved both of course. We also got to see Uncle Heath and Aunt Courtney. Unfortunately, we didn't get any photos with Mimi but she got plenty of time loving on Jackson!

Random Happenings...

We have tried Jackson on cereal which he really does not like. We also gave him green beans one day which he gagged at the taste of...not once but twice! We also tried carrots which he was indifferent too. Hopefully, he will like the real green beans later in life because hat is a staple around here!
Jackson has started really teething. Though none have cut through, it is apparent that there are teeth on the way. He did not sleep at all last Sunday through Wednesday nights. He wants to bite everything and gets very frustrated if he cannot. He will attack your face, hands, arms, etc if it is within gnawing distance. Here he is biting on Yetti's chin which is something that I used to do to my Mamaw Margie and Great Aunt Dean. Mom said they loved to have me do that to them. I have seen photos of me doing it to both of them, but I haven't been able to locate them. That is on my to-do list this week along with 2,827,432,304 other things... We went to Moon Lake to my Aunt San and Uncle Rodney's house for a family get-together. They have a big pier with a pontoon boat and kinds of other water toys. Aunt San had a baby pool set up for Jackson on the pier. We had lunch and lots fellowship. Uncle Rodney took to Jackson. They were big buds all day long. Here they are napping together...
Jackson loves the water. He liked splashing in the baby pool since the lake water was too cold!
Papa has made it a regular occurrence to take Jackson on a four-wheeler or Gator ride around the yard. Jackson will cry when he turns it off. He is definitely an outdoorsy-kinda boy already!

Pools Days

The Country Club pool has opened and we have been hitting it up. Jackson loves the water. He has been a few times with us and a few times with his Yetti. These photos were from last Tuesday.
What a cool little dude!

Playdate with Max

Jackson and I had a playdate with a high school friend, Margaret, and her son, Max, a few weeks ago. We drove out to the big city of Stringtown, MS to the Margaret's parents' house where she and Sal were staying for the weekend. The Youngs have a beautiful new house and grandbaby! It was so great catching up and meeting Max! Jackson looked like a beast compared to Max who was just two months. I first wrote giant but changed it to beast since Max is super long, and I am sure will be very tall and an excellent basketball player like his mommy one day ;)
Tummy time...Max likes it a whole lot more than Jackson did at his age. Look how beautiful Max's coloring is! He is so adorable!

Jackson just wanted to hold him. Max? He wasn't so sure...