Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jackson's First Beach Vacay

This past week was a week for firsts for Jackson. It was his first trip to the beach. We went to Destin with Yetti, Papa, Uncle Heath, Aunt Courtney (yes, she is Aunt Courtney official now...they got engaged on our trip!!), and Uncle Rhett (who was there for only a few days). It was such a nice week! The beach is very different with a little one. Instead of just bringing a cooler of beer, a bathing suit, and maybe a chair/umbrella...there are a hundred other items also to bring. We had a cabana, baby pool, bottles, toys, diapers, swim diapers, outfits, pacifiers, baby sunscreen, etc. It was a workout loading and unloading for the beach! Jackson loves the water and of course loved the ocean. He didn't get in the first day because the waves were too big, but later that week he got in and swam in his float. He liked the sand and would try to eat it when possible. Here he is on his first day after he reached over in the sand and grabbed a handful. I got most of it out of his hand, but you can see he still wanted to eat it!Like I said early, there were lots of firsts. His Yetti taught him lots of things this week. He yells (in a very cute way) anytime she opens her mouth wide. Also with her persistence, he is now eating baby food! He finally opened his mouth to eat and now does it every time. Ironically, she was not there the first time it happened. Here he is yelling with his Yetti.
Silly boy! He was so great all weekend long. Unfortunately, you can't see what else happened this week in this photo. BUT...he got his first tooth!On Monday Papa, Heath, Rhett, Courtney, and Jonathan went deep sea fishing. Yetti, Jackson, and I met them at the dock when they came back in. We didn't expect to be there that too long, so Jackson didn't have sunscreen on. He got his first little bit of sun. He had the cutest farmer's tan from this outfit!
Lastly, this is my favorite photo from my camera all week long. His eyes are so blue!
He is also scooting, getting on all fours and rocking, and on the verge of crawling. I would imagine that he will be crawling in the next few days or weeks. SCARY! He also started throwing temper tantrums. The first time he did it I thought he was hurt or having some strange seizure! It was crazy, but I soon figured it out that he just wanted out of the high chair. I will have more photos soon. I didn't use my camera much since Yetti's is so much better. By the way, my camera is not as bad as these photos make it seem. I just had it on a night setting from the night of the proposal and never changed it. Oh well...

Weekend in Memphis

A few weekends ago we went to Memphis for the weekend to Jonathan's parents. Grammy and Granddad had planned for family to come over for lunch on Saturday. We got to see Aunt Terry, Mrs. Vicki, Granddad (who we refer to as Docky since there are two Granddads on the same side), Grandmom, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Kevin, Granddad and Grammy.

Grandmom played the piano with Jackson. He loves music or any interesting noises.Jackson had fun sitting in Docky's lap. He also loved playing with his chest hair which was way too funny! Poor Docky was such a good sport!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blogging Hiatus

I know many of you have been aware of our blogging hiatus. We had a lot going since our last post and just have not been feeling the whole blogging thing. I know many of you use this to keep updated on Jackson and his growth progress, so I will keep my head high and press on!

Our little man is getting very big. Scooting everywhere, pulling up on his knees, and soon to be crawling. He loves to stand and hold onto a pair of hands or piece of furniture. He loves the water whether pool, lake, bath, or the faucet! He still isn't eating baby food well. It takes prying his mouth open or tricking him to make him laugh and shoving it in! He is talking alot, saying his da's, pa's, ba's, ga's, and now ta's. One night we were all snuggled on the couch and I got up to get something and said "Got it!" Low and behold, Jackson repeated something that sounded just like "Got it!" Jonathan and I both heard it and stared in amazement. Needless to say, it is getting that time to REALLY watch our four-letter words! Unfortunately, the last month has also involved a cold, lingering ear infection, and discovery of a penicillin allergy.

I have just a few pictures for you guys...
This is my step-niece Baylee. It was her mom and her first time to meet Jackson. Baylee does not want a little brother but she said "Jackson is so fun and good" that she wished Jackson was her mom's baby boy! haha! She was great entertainment for him while us adults visited. Notice the contrast of skin. Jackson is very white, but gosh....look at his glow next to her. You almost need sunglasses!

We leave for the beach on Friday. I think we are all ready, but Jackson may be the most. He is the only one packed. Here he is ready to make the drive...