Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lots of photos

Here are lots of photos from January on...

We went to Birmingham to visit the Holts including 6-week old Ruthie. Jackson basically ignored sweet, precious Ru, either he was playing hard to get (they have an arranged marriage though) or this is insight on how he will be with Cohen.

In February, we went to Hot Springs with my parents. Jackson enjoyed seeing the horses at the races. He had a better time after we left early and took him to a toy store. He went WILD!

When we got a big snow, Papa built Jackson a snowman. Jackson pointed to his eyes, nose, and mouth.

He loves to open all our cabinets as you can see. Don't worry there is nothing harmful in them.

He knows he can play in the Tupperware cabinet and loves it. This is a great distraction while I am cooking!
It was so cold and yucky for so long. On the first nice day in January we went outside. He loved walking around in the yard, pointing at everything. Now when we go outside is obsessed with passing cars. He says "Vrooom!"

These are just some random bathtime photos of the sweet little man...

Lastly, I was talking with a friend who said I had not updated any pictures of the baby belly. Here is me today @ exactly 35 weeks. Not sure why it upload so small. I had an US last week and he is measuring almost 1.5 weeks early. I kept telling everyone that he feels bigger than JDH did. I was right....he is a big boy!