Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I haven't updated in forever. I might as well just take an official proclaimed hiatus until May 2012 (my graduation). It has been a busy, busy fall!!! The boys and I have been to 2 MSU games (Jonathan could only go to one), traveling every weekend almost which is exhausting! They spent 3days in Memphis for Grammy's fall break. Anyway, this is what we have been up to in a photo montage from my camera:

In September we went to Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, AR for the about 5 days with Papa, Yetti, Uncle Heath, and Aunt Courtney. It was beautiful and great weather! The boys had so much fun. We stayed on the pontoon boat, ski boat, and jet ski all day long. I love the boys growing up on the water!
Captain Jackson
Oh Happy Boy! He was so good on the boat!

Captain CoCo

The first weekend in October we went to Texas for the annual Cade Octoberfest in Canton. Aunt Nae Nae and Uncle Chris Cade host it every year. They have a beautiful ranch with all the Cades living on it. There is so much to do and see...horses, animals, pool, pond, 4 wheelers, gators, toys, swings, airplanes, and more! It coincides with The First Monday. However, the stomach bug hit and no shopping was done. Jackson had a blast with all the family. He was so excited about the horses!
Most all his cousins were there for him to play with. He had so much fun! There were so many toys and animals!

Jackson rode a horse all by himself. He was not scared at all and did not want to get off. He has talked about that horse for a month now! Even naming his rocking horse "Nae Nae's horsie."
Even rode the BIG horse with Rachel Mamaw and Papaw Hobart are having their 50th anniversary this year. We had a presentation for them to surprise them with a cruise while we were in Texas. We all dressed up in tropical attire.
Jackson little best friend, Briley Dean, has his 2nd birthday party. It was so much fun!
The three amigos...Briley, Jackson, and Cashion
Jackson's sweet teachers Miss Burnie (aka "Burnie-Dine") and Michelle (aka "'Shell"). Obviously they love there kiddos to spend their Saturday at a birthday party!

The boys from Jackson's class. This one took several shots!

Here is Meg and Jackson. They have always been so sweet to each other. She made an appearance on the blog last year also.

CoCo likes to party too!
I can't believe the teachers got the entire class to sit down for a picture!
Halloween night!
Cohen is scooting everywhere. He is way more active than Jackson ever was. SCARY!
Everyone talks about how happy he is. You can look at him and he smiles. He is so dang precious!
He weighed 18 lbs and was 28 inches long at his 6 month appt.