Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Beach with Papa and Yetti

Papa and Yetti took us to the beach while Jonathan was in South Africa for the World Cup. We had lots of fun!

We stopped in Hattiesburg on the way there and back to break up the trip for the boys. I think Jackson had the most fun there out of the entire week. The hotel was like a playground; Papa pushed him around in the chair and played hide-n-seek.

The boys were worn out from the car ride. They crashed immediately! We were watching the US vs Ghana here.Jackson loves the water. Papa had him jumping off the side the first time we went to the pool and blowing bubbles.
Cohen was too little to enjoy much. However, he was a sweet man all week. He did get really tired of traveling in his carseat.
He has such a serious look here, but look at those blue eyes against that blue chair!
Ready to go "fwimmin'!"

Talking with Yetti

We took Jackson to ride the bumper boats> we had to walk through the arcade to get there. He was getting down to all the music and sounds in there. We were laughing so hard!
Cohen loved riding in the baby bjorn all week long. Such a good sport!
Jackson had a blast on the bumper boats. He got soaking wet and loved it all!

We had a HUGE balcony (very childproof too) that we spent lots of time. Jackson loved watching the boats, airplanes, helicopters, tractors, and mules helping clean up the oil. He would get so excited by the airplanes and helicopters.

Happy baby...

It rained several times that week, but luckily there was a covered/open air pool. Action shot of Jackson jumping in...

Jackson was not too fond of the sand. He did not like it on his hands or feet. He warmed up yo it later in the week. I think it would have been different if he could have gotten closer to the water.On our way back, we stopped at Chuck E. Cheese's. Jackson saw him from across the restaurant and ran after him. Chuck E. had his back turned away and Jackson tugged on his shorts to get his attention. We could not believe it! I thought he would have been afraid. NOT AT ALL!

Jackson is obsessed with buses, so he did this majority of the time at CEC. Only left the bus when the music came on and the robotic Chuck E. started singing.

Unfortunately, I have realized I don't have tons of great pictures of Cohen for this trip. Jackson is so active so we photographed him a lot while doing different things. Here is a good one of Cohen and Yetti... THANKS PAPA AND YETTI FOR A GREAT WEEK!!!

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